Lead Generation

Lead Generation


Take charge of your prospecting and your future - call IBN today. If you are unsure which of our programs you need to generate new opportunities, no worries. We offer complimentary services to get you started and will help you determine the best programs for you and your business.

Meet your future clients where they are. IBN’s exclusive lead generation and business building software programs put you in front of qualified prospects in the market for your products and services. When you partner with us, you not only gain higher lead conversions, but also higher payouts.

It's All About the Quality Activity at IBN

Yes, there are many ways to obtain lists and leads, but are they quality? Concentrate your efforts on quality activity, not by merely focusing on quantity. For decades, agents have prospected the old fashioned way – cold calling strangers and getting numerous rejections. Can it work? Yes. Is it efficient? No. Transform your thinking and increase your sales with IBN.

Validate Leads

Work smarter, not harder. Using our platform, we check consumer provided information for accuracy. When we eliminate resource draining practices from your prospecting, we protect your valuable time and increase your productivity.

Analyze Strategies

Track your metrics of success and find out which practices offer you the best return. IBN gathers leads in multiple ways. Analytics tools not only help determine when, where, and how to create a diverse and multi-layered lead system to maximize engagement.

Target Marketing

Attract individuals with real interest in buying. We use our prowess to help you target your marketing at consumers interested in purchasing annuities or life insurance products.

Purchase Leads

We offer you hot prospects waiting for your call.

Lead Accelerator

Take advantage of our complimentary one-on-one lead generation analysis to learn more about developing consistent and long term lead conversion success.

The insurance industry relies on individuals that can foster strong relationships and offer value to existing and potential clients. But just because the end goal hasn’t changed doesn’t mean you can’t. Enhance your success with our forward-thinking marketing plans that rely on innovation and today’s proficient technology.

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