In today’s insurance and annuities marketplace, income and revenue can fluctuate tremendously. External forces, including regulations, competition, and economy, are just a few things that consistently affect sales, commissions and your bottom line. Whether you are an independent producer or growing agency, IBN offers you industry leading commissions and higher compensation to help you grow your business. We want to invest in your success.

Here, we understand the importance of attracting successful producers to your growing organization. We’ve laid the foundation, completing all of the hard work to free up your capital, allowing you to recruit and retain producers for your business. Working with our list of premium carriers, we offer you the industry’s leading compensation allowing you to position your organization for the future.

Manage Your Sales Pipelines

We understand you need a system in place and time on your hands to complete your number one goal – prospecting. That is why we handle the details while you focus on your pipeline. And, if your pipeline is not so promising, we have solutions for that too. Through our years of industry experience, we have recognized common pitfalls to avoid. Working as a team, we help you avoid those errors and journey the path towards optimal success. Because, when you succeed, so do we.

Sell More - Efficiently and Effectively

Producers need resources to help them get in-front of more prospects, sell products efficiently and effectively. Our platform hosts a user-friendly resource center and library with all of the industry tips and information you need to be successful. Enhance your insurance knowledge or get answers for common concerns. IBN’s online application and quote system as well as our virtual contracting portal reduce time wasted and carrier rejections. Trust in our collective expertise to support you each step of the way.

Training and Development

Strive to become the best insurance professional you can be. Our online resources and experts offer training and insight on general practice management and sales ideas for annuities, life insurance, and other markets of interest.

Recruiting and Training by the Insurance Elite

We give you ample support while you build your agent base. If you are building your own agency, or preparing for the next level in development, we help with recruiting and training new agents. IBN has contracts with multiple insurance carriers that offer high-quality life insurance, annuities, long term care, and senior market products. We pass-on our knowledge of products, services, industry trends and carrier nuances to prepare your agents to conquer the art of insurance sales.

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