Back Office

Back Office


In countless surveys, producers and agencies all across the nation agreed on their number one need from an IMO: back-office and sales support. Innovative Brokerage Network was found on this exact principle. IBN takes your needs to heart and has developed ways to handle the busy work while you focus attention on clients and other revenue producing activities.

We empower agents with business building programs, training, sales support and carrier relations. Our Relationship, Case and Contracting managers have experience you expect from a qualified partner along with a business development mindset focused on growing your business. Guided by efficiency and integrity, they support you, your agency, and your customers. Each also ensures the policies you write are handled accurately and expediently.

Partner with IBN, the IMO that cares. Our clients benefit from the following services:

On-Demand Support

Have a question and need immediate help? Expert assistance to personally support you at each step is only one phone call away or available on our website 24/7. We want to free your time to focus on the important things – your bottom line.

Application Evaluation and Submission

Maximize approvals with experience and increased efficiencies. We scrub your paperwork and applications prior to carrier submission and catch possible roadblocks that lead to declines, rejections or any delays. And, if there is an impaired risk, we help navigate the underwriting guidelines and nuances to find the right fit for your client

Training and Development

Strive to become the best insurance professional you can be. Our online resources and experts offer training and insight on general practice management and sales ideas for annuities, life insurance, and other markets of interest.

Efficient Processes

With years of diverse and unique industry experience, we can quickly solve contracting and underwriting issues. Or, if you just need a streamlined system for processing applications, quotes, and forms, we’re here for you.

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